360° Sustainable

I strongly believe that sustainability has to be an all encompassing, inclusive or holistic practice, if we want to achieve the allround well-being we all aspire to. So what exactly do I mean?

Ok, think about a generic, average sort of live: work, family, leisure. If when you think ‘sustainable’ what comes to mind is environment and environmental resources, it seems to be a concept that is somewhat removed from your daily living.

But sustainable means that ‘it does not deplete resources to the detriment of present and future generations.’ The key term here is ‘resources’.

Is work a resource? Especially now, after the dramatic effects of the financial crisis on millions of people’s and families’ livelihood , we are very aware of what an important resource work is.

Is family a resource? Studies upon studies (although it’s rather intuitive) have established that those who are members of functional families benefit from greater health and mental wellbeing, feel supported and nurtured and perceive themselves as necessary.

Is leisure a resource? Again, hosts of studies have shown that we need breaks in order to replenish with new mental and physical energies. Leisure is crucial to subsequent efforts, concentration and good results.

Therefore, let us preserve natural resources that will allow economic activity that fosters work that is family-friendly that includes adequate amounts of time for leisure activities of various kinds. In other words, let us promote and support a lifestyle that is 360° sustainable.

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