Sustainable Food

I have been recently involved in a study on seeds, more specifically, on the freedom to exchange seeds that are not officially registered and certified. Briefly, the question revolves around the difference between the way big agri-businesses produce seeds and the way seeds have been traditionally preserved and exchanged over generations in small, local farms. The situation is that, actually, there is a danger that local seeds are going to disappear , with the consequent loss of biodiversity.

Why I am mentioning this? Well, it all has to do with the way we want our food to be produced… By now, most of us are aware that some farming practices are not good for the environment, and arguably, not good for our health either. These are all those intensive practices that are far from sustainable, both ecologically and humanely.

A food that is sustainable has to be the outcome of a long chain of sustainable practices. Think about it: farming has to be respectful of the environment, workers have to be working on a fair deal, electricity used in processing has to be as much as possible from renewable resources, and so on until we finally get to savour our meals.

Agriculture and the food industry mean a lot of business and a many jobs, which is great. We are smart enough to rethink current damaging practices and move towords a better, more efficient methods of food production, efficient meaning here sustainably sound. It makes sense. By the way, I wrote ‘rethink’, but solutions are there already, solutions that are also profitable. All it takes now is willingness…

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