Visions of a Sustainable World

I have been following the developments of all that surrounds the ‘sustainability’ universe ever since I came across it, quite a few years ago, back in the Nineties after the first Rio Earth Summit.

The word quickly became a much used and abused ‘buzzword’, appearing in the mouthts of those who saw it as the only way to move forward lest we end up straight in a tunnel of doom and gloom. It was also used, and still is, by those who wanted to appear as if they actually cared. ‘Greenwashing’ anyone?

But actually, behind the word there lie a host of truly sensible concepts. It’s not about ‘green’ or ‘back to nature’ or anything extreme. What it is about is a question:

“Do we care about what we leave behind to those who come next, our children, their children?”

Because if we do, then we ought to think about giving them the possibility to make a decent living – and I am not referring to the one single aspect of ‘money’ – with properly functioning resources at their disposal. We can’t give them a barren land, can we?

I could write hundreds of pages and present important and crucial academic findings about all that’s been studied and discovered with regards to the damaging effects of unbridled development and economic activity. My wish here is rather different.

What I’m going to do is walk with you on an itinerary across the sustainability landscape. I picture myself as an enthusiast explorer that shares her discoveries with those who want to find out about the intricacies and all the amazing aspects this inspiring landscape is made of…

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