When Supermarket Chains Think Smart

I saw this fantastic video today. It’s very inspiring, and also exciting: it’s by a large chain of French supermarkets. They – finally, I could say – have come up with an effective solution to the massive waste of fruit and vegetables that are not ‘allowed’ into food outlets because they fall short of perceived standards (perfectly spherical oranges, straight cucumbers, seamlessly colored tomatoes, and so on, you know what I mean…).

In fact, these standards remind me of those beauty standards that are now recognised as being damaging to young girls and to men alike, who believe the make-up  and photoshop lie. I also see a connection between this campaign and the ones successfully launched by those cosmetics companies that promote ‘real beauty’ through the use of ‘normal’ women.

The fact that both these approaches are reaping rewards is a clear indication that we are slowly moving towards a renewed perception of what a fulfilling life ought to be about. Which, incidentally, falls neatly into the sustainability approach.

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